La Grande Bouffe

I have to stop eating. So far this week, I’ve eaten three courses for supper on Monday night at Waverly … Continue Reading

Cupcake action

I am rather proud of my cupcakes. (It’s amazing what a girl can achieve, given a toaster oven, a few … Continue Reading

Insomnia Cookies: Taking home delivery to a new high

Insomnia Cookies NYC sums up much of what I love about living in Manhattan. Delivering between 8pm and 4am, for … Continue Reading


Ooh hoo – I’ve been tagged. I’m rather chuffed, seeing as how my blog has only really been in proper … Continue Reading

Chickpea, red onion, chili & avocado salad – A delicious summer lunch

I am obsessed with this salad that I made yesterday from the contents of my fridge, & inspired by something … Continue Reading

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