Curiosities: The US State Quarters Program

I think of myself as both observant and curious: you can’t really be a writer without these attributes, yet I … Continue Reading

Gifford’s Circus

I’ve been going to Gifford’s Circus pretty much since it opened in 2000, because one of my dearest friends went … Continue Reading

LLG Beauty & Design: Lancôme Celebrates both the Coronation & the Diamond Jubilee

When the Lancôme press office sent through the charming drawings (below) by London designer Georgia Hardinge to celebrate this year’s … Continue Reading

Picture of the Day: 1980s phone action

I’ve been emptying out a storage container in Banbury, where I stashed a bunch of random trunks, boxes and bags … Continue Reading

Christmas tree decorations

Christmas tree people fall into two camps: the colour coordinated and the pile it all on. Me, I’m definitely in … Continue Reading

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