Accessories: Stow London’s Hester small travel jewellery box

Frequent travellers  learn to pare down the clothes they pack, because it’s extremely unlikely that they will wear even half … Continue Reading

The Daily Beauty: Diptyque’s Rosa Mundi Candle & Hand Cream

In the middle of this revolting, and particularly English, version of a Narnia winter – endless rain instead of eternal … Continue Reading

Style: Crumpet Cashmere Biker Jacket & a Dachshund Print Umbrella!

Well, I think a sausage print umbrella is stylish, but I do realise that this may well be a minority … Continue Reading

Accessories: Toga Pulla Buckle Boots

I have been thinking about these boots far more than is good for someone who had a life and a … Continue Reading

Accessories: The PLIA Reid courier satchel in Queen Street

I love this Whistles dress that I am wearing here at Nice Airport so much that I have it in … Continue Reading

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