My London garden was designed as an indoor/outdoor space: with two doors, one off the sitting room, and one off the kitchen, and wide windows; in the summer it was easy to make the garden an extension of the house.

There’s no lawn, just a patchwork of cracked flagstones which, however much I power-wash them each Easter when the weather warms up, are still fairly grim. So my solution was to buy hard-wearing polypropylene rugs to spread over the areas not covered by the outdoor tables, chairs and sofas.

I found mine in IKEA (a simple woven navy one), and in Carpetright (an attractive cream and beige geometric print – above).

Their absolutely brilliant selling point is that you can power wash them and they literally return to (an almost) pristine state, even if you leave them out all winter as I did last year.

I hadn’t considered using one of these washable rugs indoors until I decided to move out of London to a beautiful converted 18th century cider house in the Cotswolds. The previous owners installed a poured concrete floor in the kitchen and sitting room over underfloor heating.

It’s enormously practical as one kitchen door opens straight into the farmyard, and the other onto grass. But, regardless of the utility of a concrete floor, sometimes you just want something softer under foot. Especially in the kitchen where I drop things continuously – I would prefer my crockery to bounce off carpet than smash on concrete.

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But – for the same reasons that concrete is a sensible choice here, a normal rug would be a disaster. So a few weeks ago I started looking for a washable rug. Sadly I didn’t come across Weaver Green until after I had bought mine, but for me Ebay proved a charm. This washable rug is safe for underfloor heating, and can be used outdoors in the summer too, if I feel like it.

(I move next week so, for the moment, it’s outside in my London garden, where Lettice has been happily road testing it.)

I bought this 160 x 220cm (5’3″ x 7’3″) for £105, which is now sold out. They do have a smaller 80 x 150cm (2’6″ x 5′) £42, and a larger 200 x 280cm (6’&’ x 9’3″) for £150.41. There are also two round sizes: 5’3″ and 6’7″.

If you prefer a more yellow/blue colour way, then that is available in the 160 x 220cm size, as well as all the others. The listing is here. You can also find it in a pale blue/turquoise, and what looks like a black, red, & cream version.

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