I last had my haircut on my birthday at the beginning of December last year. My colour? I can’t quite remember but I think it was a press appointment at lovely Jo Hansford in Mayfair back in the summer.

I only ever have a half head of highlights but what become increasingly visible during lockdown was the most monumental streak of silver running from my right temple. I don’t mind it so much, because both my mother and my sister have the same streak and I like that quirk of genetics, but it didn’t blend very well with my darker roots.

And what I do really mind is having frizzy ends and dry hair that tangles into a knot when I am sleeping.

I didn’t particularly want to go back into a salon when they reopened on Monday, so when I discovered that Blow Ltd had added cut and colour to the list of their services I booked the first available appointment.

Blow have done their best to minimise risk and time spent in your home: they offer a Zoom consultation the day before, and a questionnaire if you can’t do the Zoom so you can send photographs and describe what your hair is like and what you want doing to it, so that your stylist can come fully prepared for the appointment.

I also bleached my downstairs loo to within an inch of its life, and left out a personal hand towel, bleach wipes, and a motion activated soap dispenser, along with a wiped down bottle of water for Andrea to use during her visit.

So on Wednesday morning Andrea turned up on my doorstep wearing a mask. The plan was to do the appointment in my garden, but the torrential rain put paid to that plan. But my sitting room is light and airy and I felt we were both reasonably safe in there, with a door to the garden wide open. We both wore masks for the duration of the treatment. You can also choose in advance if you would like your stylist to wash your hair after the colour, or to do it yourself. I chose the latter as I felt it was safer for all involved.

And the results? Well, you can see from the pictures just what a difference it made. She chopped at least 3 inches off the bottom, and gave me a half head of highlights so we lost that line where my regrowth showed.

If you’d like to get £20 off your first appointment with Blow, then feel free to use my referral code: UA75FDFK.

(I paid full price, and booked myself anonymously through the app. I did not take a press discount on this occasion.)

Lettice sat at my feet for pretty much all of the session.

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