Now that the lockdown is over bar the shouting, I have stopped posting my coronavirus lockdown diary, which ended on day 100, and will instead be posting general diary entries every few days, or so.

On Sunday my mother drove down very early – she had originally planned to come down on Saturday but we pointed out that, as it was the first day that the pubs were opened after three months of lockdown, that it might not be sensible to be on the roads. It was also the first time that people were allowed to stay overnight in someone else’s home, within certain restrictions, of course.

My big plan was to spend Saturday night in IKEA. As it turned out, this was an excellent idea: I got there at about 830 and there was no queue to get in. I whizzed around the store in record time and was home by 10 pm. (this was after two abortive attempts earlier in the week when I had driven into the car park, and driven straight back out again when I had seen the size of the queue.

One of the reasons my mother was coming to me, rather than to Holly, was because my friends at Panzer’s sent me a very kind £30 gift card so I could try out their online food delivery service.

Rather than buying everday groceries, I had decided to spank it all on delicious deli things for brunch as this was both my mother’s first meal out in over three months, and her first trip outside of Northamptonshire.

So I ordered smoked salmon, the most enormous pot of unctuous cream cheese, a massive pile of bagels, (plain, onion, and sesame), organic milk, Cacklebean organic Costwolds eggs, and a massive loaf of sourdough.

I also couldn’t face cooking: I think many of us feel exactly the same way after months of being at home.

It’s so hard to work out how to interpret the government regulations re: social mixing, which seem at best contradictory, and at worst impenetrable. I wasn’t quite sure how many people I was allowed to invite to have lunch in my garden but, as Soho had been filled the night before with thousands of people carousing on Old Compton Street, I didn’t feel there was an enormous risk in inviting two people to join my mother, sister and me for brunch.

So Amanda and Chloe duly arrived and we spent the next hour stuffing our faces with bagels and cream cheese, washed down with a bottle of English sparkling wine, a 2011 bottle of Farleigh Estate which was mother’s contribution to breakfast. After they departed, we all flumped down in the garden – my mother with the papers, Holly with the dogs on my sunlounger to noodle about on her phone, and me with laptop to edit pictures.

I also had a lovely time hacking my old IKEA Flytta trolley to turn it into a really useful – and stable – stand for my Ooni pizza oven (a press product from Ooni to review during lockdown).

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It seems like the doggies are really enjoyed the party! 🙂

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