Boater by Lock & Co.

I know relationships and men are supposed to be like buses: you wait for ages and then several come along at once. I’m starting to think that sometimes jobs are like that too. I can absolutely guarantee that I will be sitting twiddling my thumbs for weeks and weeks despairing of ever being hired again, and then three or four jobs will come along simultaneously and I’ll start worrying about running too many sponsored posts adjacent to each other and getting 3-4 hours sleep a night.

It is always the way.

And, yet again, this week has proved me right: I have three jobs on at the moment two of which were today. I feel as though lockdown doesn’t even exist as I’ve been working so hard. I spent the morning filming a segment for a German TV station about watching Royal Ascot at home during lockdown, and then spent the latter part of this afternoon styling a still life for an Instagram client.

Shoes waiting for filming

In between the TV crew leaving and shooting my story, I took advantage of having several huge millinery boxes of the most delectable hats from Lock and Co., and from my lovely friend Rachel Trevor-Morgan so I switched on the lighting in my office and had a wonderful time shooting them all.

I had promised to return the hats afternoon, but thought it ridiculous to book a parcel car when journeys into central London are taking some 15 minutes at the moment. However I had failed to think about the fact that I drive a sports car. So I put the roof down, jigsawed the boxes into the front seat and hoped that wouldn’t be a sudden gust of wind.

The journey from from Regents Park to roughly St James’s Palace took16 minutes: the newspapers may have talked about the huge queues for Primark shopping on Monday but I can tell you that Regent Street was deserted.

I took the most direct route down Portland Place, across Oxford circus down Regent Street, Conduit Street, Savile Row, Old Bond Street and across Piccadilly. The streets are deserted, I barely passed another car, most of the luxury shops appear to still be boarded up, and there wasn’t a single car parked on any of the meters in Mayfair. The only sign of activity was at the Apple Store in Regent Street, where the staff were standing outside in masks to take customer names.

I had a lot of work to do this evening so I didn’t get to Holly’s until past 9 pm to pick up Lettice but we still managed a twilight walk on Parliament Hill and Hampstead Heath. I always find it extraordinary now, around mid summer, that it is still very much light enough to see at 10 pm.

I’ve got some really big news coming up in the next couple of days and I’m simultaneously worried, excited, nervous and, I think, delighted.

Changes are afoot, that’s for sure.

Hat by Lock & Co.
Hat by Lock & Co.
Hat by Rachel Trevor-Morgan
Hat by Rachel Trevor-Morgan
Hat by Rachel Trevor-Morgan
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