When I woke up on a February morning last year in my lovely minimalist room at The Hoxton Paris to discover Paris blanketed in snow, I first drank a lot of coffee (internal central heating) and consumed a vast amount of heavily buttered baguette (fuel), before slipping and sliding off to the 1eme to experience Paris in a white out.

None of these photographs were shot in black and white, or post-processed: it was simply as if Paris had become monochrome overnight.

I’ve not run these images on here on LLG before, but I thought this was an opportune moment, given that no one outside of France will be visiting the City of Lights for months and months, so we may as well appreciate it in the ether for the time being.

It also ties in with a little giveaway that I am running between here and the @libertylndngirl Instagram. I have one set of four books on achieving Parisian style to give away from my bookshelves: simply leave a comment here and/or under the Instagram photo. Perhaps tell me where your favourite place is in Paris. Or, if you haven’t visited yet, where you might like to visit in the future. Or, the place you LONG to visit once the lockdowns are lifted…

The four books are:
Parisian Chic: A Style Guide by Ines de la Fressange
Dress Like a Parisian by Aloïs Guinut
How To Be Parisian: Wherever You Are by Anne Beres
Paris Through a Fashion Eye by Megan Hess

And, now, Paris in the snow…

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Favorite place in Paris? I know I should be all erudite and talk about museums, architecture and gardens, but I really love taking the Metro up to the Clignancourt markets and wandering around buying whatever I can take home within baggage allowance limits.


This is a good selection of books. I visited Paris for the first time last year, and most of all I loved walking around and looking at the residential buildings, jealous of all the 20c architecture and the balconies. Oh, and the pattisseries and boulangeries. I will need to go back to visit the fabric shops that sell deadstock designer fabric – I didn’t have time last year but probably it was also partly so I could go back!


Hi Sasha,

I’m thoroughly enjoying your posts and you’ve inspired me to do a bit of gardening and be more adventurous with my cooking.

If I go to Paris, I would like to go to a museum in the morning, then sit outside at a cafe and have lunch while watching the hustle and bustle and then later go to a ballet or opera. That would be my ideal trip. Oh, and I don’t think I could resist a few shops too!


I was in Paris during a snowstorm in 2007 or 2008, and it was beautiful and the only time I saw a short line at the Eiffel Tower! I would love to go to Breizh Cafe in the Marais again. I have some Bordier butter in my freezer but I cannot replicate those gorgeous buckwheat crepes!


Sasha, long time reader but never commented before. Love these photos of Paris! Found a new favorite spot in Paris couple years ago… Museo Picasso!


Oh, the monochrome photos are wonderful! I had plans to visit Paris in April, which were obviously dashed. I was looking forward to simply walking around, if the weather permitted. Clearly from your photos, there is always beauty, no matter the season. My favorite place to return to is the Rodin Museum, which I first saw as a teenager. I felt so worldly there! Have loved your blog since it began – your taste and sensibilities are impeccable.


Love this article Sasha and a great selection of books. I have yet to visit Paris and with my 50th birthday set to be in lockdown next Saturday, I am spending time making plans for a visit as soon as I can – articles like yours are happily distracting me in the meantime xxx


I’ve been to Paris with my ex, with my current (and hopefully forever) love, as well as with friends and work colleagues. But some of my most evocative memories are from going around Paris on my own, nursing a broken heart. The city kept me company, embraced me and assured me that as long as there is great art, architecture and cuisine I will be more than ok!


well, I miss Paris right now and that I can’t make plans for a visit. To be again on 7, rue Monsieur thinking at Nancy Mitford, or staying at my friend on rue Monsieur le Prince and eating across the street at Polidor where Woody Allen filmed Midnight in Paris and where professors from Sorbonne come and enjoy the good proper French cuisine near les gens de quatier….

So, so many places in Paris….
Good idea Sasha!


The only place I don’t want to go is the ‘flea-market’ we were taken to by a taxi-driver on our honeymoon. It was dismal, not remotely chic, but I still giggle when I remember the second-hand g-string stall there. Way to burst my Paris bubble!


I visited Paris in September for the third time, and I can’t wait until I can get back across the Chunnel. It’s hard to choose a favorite thing to do, but on my most recent trip I enjoyed wandering around the Marais with a coffee in hand and popping into the Musée Picasso and Musée Cognacq‑Jay!

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