Now that my bike has been fixed, I’m planning on working my way across the city to see how everything has changed during lock down. There appears to be a widely held belief that central London is out of bounds but this isn’t the case.

It only takes 15 minutes for me to get from Camden to Oxford Circus on my bicycle so I can easily get down to Piccadilly Circus and back during my allotted hour’s exercise. My route took us due south down the side of Regents Park, across the Marylebone Road and down Portland Place.
Then we continued on Regent Street across Oxford Circus and down on to Piccadilly Circus.

We meandered home from Piccadilly Circus (an Italian in running gear, and two girls on Boris bikes) via deserted Soho, cutting through Soho Square, (a few pigeons and one solitary man sunbathing on the grass,) past an empty Carnaby Street as I rode the wrong way down Brewer Street, to hook left towards Broadwick Street, up Poland Street to pop out onto Oxford Street, which was so quiet that a solitary runner was puffing down the middle of the road.

As a very sensible cyclist, It felt extraordinarily transgressive to ride against one way streets as we headed back north through Fitzrovia to Regent’s park, but when there are no cars on the road does anyone care?

After walking the last two miles home through Regent’s Park so that Lettice could chase imaginary squirrels, I came home, stripped in front of the washing machine, and took a shower. (I’m sure I’m not alone in immediately washing anything that might have come in contact with the virus, be it me or my clothes.

As with many people who cook for work, my kitchen is always well-stocked; I’m used to opening a cupboard to pull out whatever I need to cook pretty much any dish that occurs to me. If I run out of an ingredient mid-recipe test, I down tools to pop around the corner to the Co-op or Whole Foods or the greengrocers or Marks & Spencer‘s or Aldi…

For supper I made a slow cooked tomato sauce for lasagna as I had both cheese and milk that need using up. But, as it turns out, no actual sheets of lasagna. So I froze the tomato sauce, and made macaroni cheese instead. Actually, there was no macaroni either – it became a rigatoni cheese…

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I just responded earlier today about a photo posted by a friend in London that I’m dying when I see that glorious weather. Mid-April to mid-June is my absolute favorite time of year to visit, and the time I feel the city shines most. I was there for most of those months each of the last 3 years, and I sincerely hope I will get to see it in person again next year. Mid-August – mid-October is my second favorite, and I would love nothing better than to visit then, but I’m not absolutely sure the world will have returned to normal again. I’ve heard that, even if we recover over the summer, the virus will come roaring back in autumn. I hope not. London is my happy place, and I can’t wait to see it again. Glad to see you’re getting out and enjoying it…Lovely Lettice, too.


I think it’s fair to say that everything will change beyond any of our comprehension. And certainly not expecting London to be welcoming visitors until July August at the very earliest… It is also worrying. Anyway, please stay safe, and hopefully England will be able to welcome you in the autumn


The photos of the empty streets in central London were incredible. I am happy you and lovely Lettice can get out for a ride. It must feel very liberating.


It was extraordinary. A once-in-a-lifetime feeling to be in such deserted empty streets

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