I didn’t leave the house today. I had the best intentions but I didn’t fall sleep till 3:30 am because I was busy working on my Patreon. Not waking up until 1030 meant that I missed my self-imposed early morning walking slot on Hampstead Heath.

It was slightly astonishing to wake up so late, and it took me a little while to understand that the clocks had gone forward. I had glanced clock on the kitchen oven which of course doesn’t change automatically.

Judging by my experience with Chloe last Sunday, which was the last walk I suspect I’ll take with anybody else in a long time, if you get to the Heath between eight and 830 on a weekend, it’s actually a very nice experience. Any time after that and it’s just unbearable.

So I’m afraid I pretty much spent the day in bed. Because I can. I hauled myself out from underneath the duvet at lunchtime to make myself pancakes, which turned out to be a weird hybrid of fluffy American and French thin crepes. I think they were going to be American pancakes but I made the batter by eye and it was a bit runny so they ended up being as wide as a crepe, but thick with super crispy edges instead. Rather nice.

I ate them with currants, lemon juice and caster sugar sprinkled over the top. It’s a weird combination that I would never order in a restaurant but it’s how my mother always served pancakes on Shrove Tuesday where we were little children and the taste for it has stayed with me as a grown-up.

Something quite cheering happened on Sunday morning too:

I was very pleased to be interviewed for The Observer earlier in the week by Jude Rogers, for a piece she was writing about independent food shops and national suppliers, as an alternative to using supermarkets.

After an afternoon spent editing imagery and writing, in the early evening I made macaroni cheese from scratch, and filmed the making of it for Instagram Stories. I edited all the imagery, but now that I’ve decided to add captions for my frames it takes maybe five times as long to get a story up. Every single frame – and there can be as many as 25 for a recipe – needs to have a caption added to it.

You can find the recipe on this site here, and the filmed cookalong over on my Instagram Highlights here.

Obviously there was no walk this evening – my day was out of synch because of the clocks ballsup, and I couldn’t face the crowds in either Park or Heath., so I retired back to bed with Lettice and my bowl of cheesy carb goodness, and set up my projector so that I could watch The Wedding Date on Amazon Prime instead.

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Sorry to be nosy but what projector do you use? Have toyed with the idea of getting one and now seems like a good enough time if there ever was one!

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