London small walled garden renovation project - 11

You can read about how we went from above to below in a couple of months in the links at the end of the post.

The post where the garden emerges from its winter hibernation and looks dreadful:

The post where we’ve done a lot of garden clearance, and light appears at the end of the gardening tunnel

The post where I plant up the hanging baskets and window boxes, buy a lot of soft furnishings, and start to think about how it will all come together

The post where we finally choose the key pieces of furniture (with thanks to John Lewis & Partners for supplying it)

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Hello there – Nice story on your return to Smarden. Last time I saw you you were very small. I remember your parents well pass on my best wishes. Thank you for your kind words on the Cloth hall . wonderful house to grow up in as a child. Very different now. Time was.

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