Now that’s a cut and colour! I’m somewhat ashamed to admit that I haven’t engaged with a proper hairdressing session since the beginning of September last year. I’ve had two cuts in the interim -not enough – at local Camden chain salons which weren’t great, (walking in at the last minute and taking an appointment because a stylist is free and you’ve got a big event the next day probably isn’t the best way to get a haircut) and it grew out badly both times.

(The recent experiences of my sister and me make very good arguments for doing your research, building a relationship with, and investing in, a good hairdresser. I know I usually hop off to the shiny of the shiniest, but good hair doesn’t have to cost the earth; my sister used a Camden national chain salon last time which gave her a seriously bad colour job, and charged her more than the Mayfair salon I love – woah, was I FURIOUS on her behalf. So she went to the Toni & Guy Academy on Monday for a cut and colour by a stylist with four years of experience, and overseen by a director; it cost her £35 and she looks incredible.)

Anyway, there’s no real reason why I didn’t get round to getting my highlights done apart from the usual – time and inclination, and, now that I’ve seen these before and after images I am resolved not to leave it ten months until my next session. I wear my hair every day – it’s one of the first things people notice about you, and it’s such a simple thing to get right.

And so it was that when I finally pitched up at the Daniel Galvin hair palace on George Street (a few blocks from Marble Arch, and just west of Marylebone High Street), the lovely Chelsey actually looked aghast when I said the last time I had my highlights done was last September.

I’m a natural blonde  – I have the pale eyelashes and brows of a bunny rabbit, but our northern climate and my insistence on wearing a hat anywhere near a sunbeam means that the top of my head starts to look decidedly murky without a little helping hand. A half head of highlights to be precise.

I had an actual line where the old highlights had grown out six inches down from the tip of my head.

And let’s draw a veil over the greys lurking on my temple. (Fun fact: both my mother and sister have the same swoosh of grey on their temples too.)

So here are my highlights baking:

So hurrah for my lovely new summer hair, thanks to Chelsey who has restored me to my happy blonde place. And a big shout out too to the lovely Lauren Greene for the perfect blunt cut and softening layers at the front: she took all the time to check in with me about my hair and meticulously – and rapidly made it look wonderful, taking off just enough to get rid of the frizz, but not so much that I felt scalped. I’ve washed it twice since, and it fell just perfectly each time when I air dried it.

And HELL-O perfect, super rapid, blow dry.

This was a complimentary press appointment for a cut and colour in June 2018 

For more information call on 0207 486 9661 or to book online click here

58-60 George Street
London W1U 7ET

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Great color and cut! Skill when cutting and coloring is key. We have all experienced the bad cut and color and I agree it is important to find a skilled and talented hairdresser. This salon is great. Thanks for sharing. Next time I’m in London, I’ll definitely book an appointment.


I am thrilled with it – I really fo highly recommend them. LLGxx

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