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As I run around London like a hamster on its wheel, trying to fit in multiple appointments and meetings, and dealing with curve balls (Lettice getting sick, or needing to go to the Post Office before it shuts, or forgetting to fill my car up with petrol) it can sometimes be hard to find the joy…when your Oyster card doesn’t swipe, yet another tourist jabs you with their backpack or it starts raining on your fresh blow dry…

And that’s when I realise how important it is that my home and the things within it make my quotidian existence lovely. The White Company believe this matters too – they gave me the phrase Celebrate the Everyday, and asked me to interpret it however I liked.

For me that’s by elevating the mundane to make life more lovely in an unassuming way. Whether that’s a new swimsuit for my daily bathe in Hampstead Ladies Pond, and a pretty kaftan to pull over it instead of a manky old T shirt; a framed photo and some cut flowers on my desk to glance at between emails; or a lamp with the perfect shade to read by in bed at night, these things make my everyday actions feel more worthwhile, and more lovely.

< Bathroom:

In spring and summer I swim almost every day at the Hampstead Heath Ladies Pond, so I always have towels and swimsuits hanging on my bathroom rail and, frankly, it looks a mess. So I’ve chosen the perfect collection of suit, cover up, towel and basket to carry it all in for my daily swim so I won’t just enjoy my outings more but my bathroom will look lovely too.


The first thing I see in the morning and the last at night is my bedside. So I want to start and finish my day by looking at something lovely. So: a beautiful lamp, a scented candle in my favourite orange perfume, a pretty carafe for my water, a few blooms in a vase. And, of course, – after all this IS The White Company, heavenly crisp, white bedlinen.


I work from home, and it’s easy for my office area to be all work and, frankly, disconnected from my personal life. So, I wanted to create a corner of my desk with a photo of my friends and some flowers so when inspiration isn’t striking I have something more interesting to stare at than my pinboard.

The White Company Celebrate Everyday photo frame - 1
The White Company Celebrate Everyday photo frame - 1
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