Potato goats cheese thyme tart
New Potato, Goat’s Cheese and Thyme Tart

I was thinking about meat free recipes only last week, as a friend mentioned she wasn’t sure if there were any vegetarian dishes in my cookbook Friends, Food, Family. Rest assured, I exclaimed! There are plenty.

Jerusalem artichokes peas butter lemon rind fried
Jerusalem artichokes with peas, lemon and garlic butter

As it’s Meat Free Week at the moment, I thought this might be a good moment to list some of the delicious meat free recipes that I developed for FFF to whet appetites. (I should, of course, point out, that they sit happily alongside delicious dishes like beef stew with carrots, mushroom and barley, sticky roast chicken thighs, roast pork, chicken pie and lamb cutlets.)

Roasted baked potatoes
(My grandmother’s cross hatched baked potatoes. SO GOOD)

I’m particularly pleased with two mushroom recipes: the Mushroom Lasagne and the Mushroom Gravy. The first because I’ve yet to meet a meat eater who doesn’t love it, and the gravy because I think vegetarians often draw the short straw with sauces for Sunday lunches (i.e they don’t get one).

This is by no means an exhaustive list – there are countless salads, vegetable side dishes, party snacks and canapes, and lots of breakfast ideas.

I’m obsessed with the idea of developing the perfect vegetarian burger, and there are four excellent ones in the book:

Mushroom and Halloumi Burger
Sweetcorn Fritter Burger (although they are just as nice bun-free and piled with my 4 minute guacamole for breakfast or lunch)
Glamorgan (breadcrumbed potato and leek) Burger (a riff on the traditional Glamorgan sausage)
Cauliflower and Quinoa Burger (Gluten free)

There are lots of great kitchen supper ideas from Eggs with Chickpea Puree and Flatbread to my now-legendary Fried Gnocchi with Mozzarella and cherry tomatoes, by way of lots of soups (I particularly love the Cauliflower-cheese soup), a ridiculously easy Courgette and Pea Orzotto, and Mushrooms on Toast (four suggestions, including with white beans, kale, cheese and a buttery sauce.

Jerusalem artichokes peas butter lemon rind fried
(Kohlrabi Remoulade)

Hearty salads that would be good for now include Green Lentils and Goat’s Cheese with Mustard Dressing,
Soba, Peanut and Tofu Salad, Midwinter Salad with Roasted Cauliflower, Maple Walnuts and Pomegranate, Halloumi and Persimmon Salad, Grilled Peppers with Preserved Lemon, Pine Nuts and Mint and Roasted Cherry Tomato and Sweetcorn Salad.

I hope this inspires some of you to get cooking!

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I received your book for Christmas, and I made the soba peanut and tofu salad for the first time last night! It was delicious, though next time I’d substitute cucumber or celery for the spring onion as it was a bit too oniony for my taste. I agree about the mushroom lasagne, divine. And one whole drawer of my freezer is now devoted to little bags of slow cooked tomato sauce!


So is mine! I make it every Sunday for the week ahead. I’ve been adding Quorn for a Bolognese style with a little chilli too, which is delicious, and gives a bit of chew. LLGxx


I’ve been so impressed by the pictures from your cookbook the last week or so, I think I’m definitely going to seek it out next time I’m in a bookshop… x


wow! I do hope you enjoy it. Waterstones keep selling out, but I know it is in Foyles and on the usual internet retailers LLGxx


As a vegetarian thank you for including veg friendly recipes from your book. When will your book be released here in the states? My mouth is watering already!!! Mushrooms, mushrooms, mushrooms!!!


Great ideas! I always have a meat free week once in a month, but I often lack ideas and inspiration. These dishes look really well and I will definitely enjoy them with the family. Thanks!

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