Perricone MD No Foundation Foundation SPF 30, 30ml

This sounds clever – and it *is* clever.  Perricone MD’s No Foundation Foundation does exactly what it promises: it evens out the complexion with a translucent finish, tones down flushing and adds a handy SPF 30, without adding colour to the face. (It comes in one universal shade to suit all Caucasian skin tones.)

I use this on no meeting days and at the weekends, when I want my skin to look dewy and refreshed, without a heavy finish. (My rosacea needs a bit more help for a full make up look, so I rely on MAC or Estee Lauder during the week.)

In a way, it’s not far off from a BB cream – although it’s been around longer, as it also promises treatment (anti-oxidant), cosmetic and SPF in one tube.

Perricone MD No Foundation Foundation SPF 30, 30ml £47.00


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I am liking these no foundation products. I have been using Natura Bisse “The Cure” which has a slight bit of color that seems to work on anyone. It will clear up my skin overnight. Feels good and now they have a similar eye producer available. Now I am curious about the Perricone version and will give it a try. I think it is less pricey than Natura which would be terrific. By the way, I love all your posts and the Daily Beauty posts are a great addition. Thank you!

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