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I was incredibly lucky with the weather over in Austria last week. Whilst London is one big miserable puddle, the weather was gloriously in the 20s towards the end of my stay, and after my morning’s medical ministrations were done, I would head to a lounger on the edge of the jetty, lay out my green striped towels and bask like a lizard. Albeit a lizard in a giant sun hat, high SPF and sunglasses.

As is my wont, I grabbed a random selection of suncare offerings from the beauty bucket in my office so I could test them out. The beauty lottery this trip turned out to be Clinique Targeted Protection Sun Stick SPF 35, £16, Nivea Sun Protect & Bronze SPF 30, £7.99, Lancaster Sun Delicate Skin Soothing Cream SPF 50+, £21.00

The Clinique I’ve had for a while, and love. I keep it in my handbag for on the hoof touch ups, as I am paranoid about burning my face and decollete. Wrinkly cleavage? Not on my watch, thank you very much.

The Nivea is a spray, which is my new favourite thing for sun care products – I refuse to call it sun tan as there is as much chance of my getting a natural tan as there is of a TOWIE (or Jersey Shore) girl not wearing make up. That being said, the Protect & Bronze range contains a natural plant extract said to support Melatonin production and therefore enhance a tan. As I am currently wearing three layers of St Tropez Bronzing Mousse (excellent BTW), I can’t speak for this, but I do know that I haven’t burnt once wearing it, and that is all I care about. And it’s a great price considering you should get through at least two of these, and preferably three, on a week long holiday frolic in the sun.

The Lancaster is new, arrived a week or so ago, and I am impressed. It’s light for such a high SPF, and I’ve been using it in the mornings before I go out here in Singapore on the backs of my hands, decollete and face. I’ve had no breakouts, and my make up goes on smoothly over it. Another good handbag sized product.

Clinique Targeted Protection Sun Stick SPF 35, £16
Nivea Sun Protect & Bronze SPF 30, £7.99
Lancaster Sun Delicate Skin Soothing Cream SPF 50+, £21.00

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Thanks for these precious tips. I am one of those lucky people – a redhead – that burns instantly and is always and will always be pale.




Horray for suncream that doesn’t make you break out! Thanks for this review LLG, I would also recommend for keeping complexions clear and skin hydrated in the sun- Liz Earle Mineral Suncream SPF 20 £19.25

Miss V x



But as long as we’re on this topic, don’t forget the other part of the story…..
sunscreens aren’t regulated very well (at least not in the US) and rubbing chemicals into the skin every day…well, at least know your options! Here’s a stateside version….the wonderful nonprofit Environmental Working Group’s annual guide to sunscreens – I don’t see the ones you’ve mentioned here (they don’t have everything and probably mostly US!) but the site is full of good horse sense about the risks of using certain ingredients (like sprays) – just so you can weigh your options.


And if you like what you see on EWG, you can buy things directly from http://www.bodysense.com
it’s an online catalog that shows the EWG ratings for everything. And – most important – I don’t have any relationship with either of these guys except as a happy customer of body sense!


@lucia: That’s partly true, but anyone reading it shld do so in the knowledge that it is am American site, referring to US sunscreens. And by ‘sprays’ it specifically refers to aerosols, whereas the Nivea is a pump action, the type of spray that is available in the UK. I have also addressed Vitamin D deficiency elsewhere on LLG. http://www.libertylondongirl.com/2010/08/02/vitamin-d-my-new-scarf-taking-some-exercise/ It is good to be aware of the problems with any chemical based product, but given that many people aren’t sensible in the sun still, even after years of warmings, sun lotions are better than nothing when in the direct sun.

It also concludes:

“Bottom line

The uncertainties surrounding sunscreens might tempt people to give up on them altogether. That’s not the right answer. Despite the unknowns, public health agencies still recommend using sunscreens. But the first line of defense against harmful radiation should be shade, protective clothing and avoiding the midday sun.”

Which is exactly what I do, as I mention in the piece!



I agree totally about the Clinique sun stick. I carry one in my bag all summer long. Perfect for those surprise sunny days.

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