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Personally, Valentine’s Day leaves me pretty much stone cold. If the only time you feel able to tell your partner that you love them is on a day mandated by the greetings card industry then things have come to a pretty sad state of affairs. And less said about sitting trapped in a restaurant eating a rapaciously expensive set meal amongst a sea of uptight couples the better.

And then there’s the flower issue: I guess I’d just prefer that they came during the year for absolutely no reason at all, rather than because someone felt they *had* to. There is always room in my apartment for a pretty bunch of flowers, be it a posy from the garden, a bunch of daffs from the station stall, or something rather wonderful from, say, The Real Flower Company or my current London favourites Scarlet & Violet (who I wrote about here) or Broadway Market’s Rebel Rebel (from where Katie Rose sent me the most ravishing goodbye flowers).

But: I have had some Tweets & emails from some of my utterly delightful male readers – guys, you know I love you all – asking for floral advice,

and who am I to deprive their other halves from the joy of beautiful flowers? If I can spare just one girl from the horrors of hideous bouquets of yellow & pink carnations, then my work here is done.

So, as I know many of my British readers are not in London, and therefore unable to avail themselves of Scarlet & Violet (NW10) or Rebel Rebel’s (E8) services, I recommend The Real Flower Company, who specialise in proper roses. Pricey? Yes, but no more than InterFlora will scalp you for over Valentine’s.

This isn’t from their Valentine’s offering, but the Antique posy (at top) £55.00, with dusky Julia Baby and apricot scented garden roses tied in a posy with eucalyptus, mint, rosemary, viburnum and senecio is just lovely, probably my favourite because of the herbs, and not too obvious.

I also think the Blush Pink and Lavender (£45.00), with pale pink roses with fresh lavender scattered through the arrangement make this posy properly lovely.

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If you *really* want to make a statement, then there’s the Yves Piaget, blousey, highly scented Yves Piaget garden roses tied with sprigs of rosemary and a collar of aromatic eucalyptus leaves. (£115)

Screen Shot 2012-02-08 at 18.37.55

or this just glorious scented Pastel Roses and Narcissi (£95.00). *Sighs*

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What utterly gorgeous flowers! I love the Yves Piaget, the colours are stunning.

When I brought my house I vowed to always have a bunch of fresh flowers in the hearth – generally yellow roses – the only time I haven’t done is at Christmas, but then I do have a Poinsettia.

I would also have to agree on your statement about what prompted this post – if you can’t be romantic all year round and only ‘make an effort’ on such a commercial day then what does that say?!


Oh my goodness, these are rapturously stunning! Why, oh why can’t we get roses and arrangements like these in New York?! *Sob*


Beautiful :0


I don’t enjoy Valentines day but I do enjoy flowers! I love Rebel Rebel especially, or just buying big bunches at Colombia Road- swooon- particularly roses- and I bought lavender at Liberty in the summer which is still going strong and smelling delightful!


Thank you for that – inspired by your Blog I ordered some flowers from the The Real Flower Company yesterday for my beloved: they arrived nice and early this morning & were wonderful, just as you’d said 🙂


Good work Stephen…. Great choice!

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