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There’s little I like writing about more than a small independent company making beautiful objects with care, thought and principles. Bisoux Maison is owned by artisan candle-maker Rowan Manning, who produces a small number of candles, each one individually hand-made in her old Forge in Wiltshire, using traditional artisan production methods.

Rowan has been making candles for years, and used to spend a fortune on luxury ones until she got pregnant and started obsessing about the effects of burning candles using synthetic wax & fragrance. She discovered that many  candles that claim to use essential oils often used just a drop combined with synthetic fragrance.

So she developed a completely natural botanical formulation using soy wax (made from edamame beans) and a lead-free cotton wick, fragranced with a 10% blend of the finest pure essential oils, which burn for nearly twice as long as standard candles. She then started to sell them when she was on maternity leave just over a year ago.

Rowan sent me the her Deep Sleep treatment candle, which is scented with a blend of High Alp Lavender oil extracted by steam distillation of the fresh flowers, combined with gorgeous grassy organic Chamomile oil which is grown in England. It’s just the most beautiful scent, which doesn’t overpower a room.

But it’s the Body Candles which I think are properly amazing. Poured into lipped china vessels, they are made from a blend of nourishing jojoba and sweet almond oils, essential oils, and shea butter, and formulated so that each lighting provides not only a heavenly scent, but a pool of melted oil, which can be used on the body.

That’s why the Toning Body Candle’s fragrance blend isn’t just delicious but clever too: it combines detoxing Pink Grapefruit, a diuretic known for reducing cellulite, and stimulating Rosemary oils, a powerful blend which is said to enhance the body’s metabolic processes.

So you can bathe by the light and scent of the candle, and then use the melted candle oil for massage or for a moisturising treatment. So clever. And perfect for Christmas presents.

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I’ve just purchased an organic candle from Neom. They’re even more fabulous than Diptyque. I’ll definitely give Bisoux Maison. Very competitively priced. I’ve had my fair share of synthetic crap too.

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