Eyelashes! Not entirely sure why I look like an amoeba in these photographs – I just snapped them on a one shot wonder with my smartphone in the loos here at Soho House NY where I am working this afternoon.

(Although it is of course wonderful to be back in New York, it is quite annoying not to be able to prance about the Met, go shopping, potter about on the High Line etc. Instead I am ploughing through my inbox before its contents go nuclear on me.)

But, I did take 90 minutes out this morning en route from my sublet on the LES to Soho House on the Westside, which I use as my NY office with its lovely squishy sofas and free internets, to have some fake eyelashes applied.

(I last had them done as a freebie by FlutterEyes in the UK, who are just damn spectacular, and came recommended to me by British Beauty Blogger, who SWEARS by them. And she’s right: Easily the best falsies I have ever had applied and I really cannot recommend highly enough. AND they come to your home.)

My excuse is that they are the ultimate labour-saving device. I am so pale, so rabbit-y blonde, that without make up my face just blends into a haze of blah. I have the thinnest, finest, palest lashed in existence. Essentially: they are invisible. But with clever individual lashes, my face looks defined even without makeup. Basically, they are the ultimate lazy person’s dream. And I am super lazy about make up.

Also: as y’all know, I have done two photo shoots in as many weeks and I have bitterly regretted not having had these done before. (No time.) Let’s face it (ha!), I am not a model, and I’m a big believer in starting off in the make up artist’s chair before I am to be photographed with as many advantages as possible: shaped eyebrows, manicure, roots done, prepped skin etc etc.

So, I thought, fack it let’s get ’em done before I hop off to Miami tomorrow, where I will be hopping (I hope) in and out of pools sans makeup, as well as featuring heavily (I suspect) in Clare’s photos of our glamorous South Beach mini break. I found this place by Union Square on the internets, and was very happy with Ayumi’s attention to detail and the thorough consultation we had before she got cracking.

Lashes range in cost from $130-170, depending on softness and quality, and should last five weeks if you don’t shove your fists in your eyes, scrub at them with make up remover, or aim a hose at your eye socket. I went for broke, picking the most expensive option (the cheaper ones are thicker and I didn’t want to look as though spiders were dangling off my eyelids) so, with tip, it cost me a shade over $200, and took about 90mins. I fell asleep almost immediately, so can’t talk you through what it feels like.

Have to say I am thrilled. And worth every bloody penny of not having to wear eye makeup for five weeks-ish.

eyelashes 2


15E 12St 2F at Kiyora Salon New York ,NY,10003

CASH ONLY – which caught me out.

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wow!! You really have long thick lashes and they look very natural! Amazing effect!


Its really excellence…


They look natural and not “fake lashes” at all. I am tired of seeing girls with tons of glue all over their lids. Definitely worth every penny 😉


Looks so great! Just watched the FlutterEyes video on the link you provided. Now I am craving new eyelashes.


I love the lipstick you are wearing! The lashes look great of course.
And yes, Jane always recommends amazing things.
I was just wondering which is your favourite blush? I am interested in what you like to wear with your complexion. x


Wow – they look great LLG. So worth doing for holidays and special occasions but too expensive for me for everyday.
For the rest of the time I’ve had quite good success with Cargo Lash Activator mascara – you have to be patient as takes a few months but lashes definitely get longer.
LLG – I know you’re putting together a guide of great places to go in NYC – well just along from Soho House is a great little restaurant called 5Ninth – in a brown brick three storey building. I was there about five weeks ago and sat in the garden but the food was great as was the atmosphere and service.

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