Please forgive the double posting (this is partly a re-run from earlier in the week). As you may know if you read both mine and my mother’s blog, the family home has been up for sale for a while now, as a result of my parents’ long, acrimonious divorce. Finally, it has sold, and we are planning a garage sale tomorrow, Saturday, the 30th July before we all move on to pastures new the week after.

I’ve been up at the house all week and have unearthed even more stuff than we thought we had for the sale. We have cleared out all my mother’s bathroom drawers, so there is a fair amount of scent & beauty products. The china cupboards have yielded piles & piles of unused & now unneeded china from the 1950s onwards and my mother’s erstwhile floral business has resulted in boxes of vases and arranging materials. I have decided to add vast piles of my books, as has my mother, and there are clothes from my mother’s rails ( size 16 + 18) and bits & pieces from me (mainly accessories, vintage hats & shoes.)

Whilst the house has been on the market, we’ve had a delightful two years of throwing things in skips, dumping broken rubbish at the local tip, & sending stuff to the local hospice shop, but there is still a mountain of household stuff, vintage magazines, unwanted furniture, books, crockery, garden stuff and  clothing & such like. (We’ve lived there since 1985 after all, and there are two attics and a garage.)

I may also bestir myself to dole out cake & the odd cup of tea, if asked nicely, in return for donations to The MS Trust. The weather forecast is good, and we are planning to open the gates from 10am-7pm.

If you are in the vicinity of Banbury or Daventry, do come to say hello. (I can’t advise travelling any great distance – it is just a garage sale, not the Antiques Roadshow.)

Postcode: NN11 3SL.

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Best of luck with the sale. I would love to come and have a sift through if I was free. Hope it goes well. It’s an exciting new chapter to move on and I expect you’ll have lots of lovely memories to take with you


@LaraLainThatsMyName: As opposed to lots of lovely stuff ( hopefully we can shift it all!) Thanks lovely. LLGxx


Oooh I didn’t know your mum has a blog?! How exciting, googling now!

Good luck with garage sale, hope it is a success, don’t live close enoguh otherwise I would have definitely made a trip 🙂


errm it might be better to have the link, google didn’t work for me. x


@Lola: Funny! Yes, I sort of hid it from the internets as my mother is not the world’s most discreet person, and her divorce was partic bloody. You can find her at: A Life Reclaimed. LLGxx


Good luck with the garage sale :)!


My dear, does your mama require notice if we are coming, or can we just pop in if we are floating by without calling first? I don’t want to aggravate her unnecessarily one way or the other.x


@katyboo: NO! COME COME COME! (Did that just sounds like a bad sex film? No matter.) It’s open doors from 10am. The tel no is just in case of getting lost-ness. And come earlier rather than later in case the good stuff goes. We are the big stone house last on the left on Brook Street. Lots of gravel can’t miss it. My MX5 outside. LLGxxx

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