One of the things I love about publishing LLG is being able to ask some amazing experts in their field to contribute guest posts on subjects that fascinate me and, I hope, my readers. I’m thrilled that the lovely Margo Marrone of The Organic Pharmacy has written today’s guest entry, as I love both her passion and the meticulous way she approaches the production of her organic range. The first time we met, we sat and talked for far longer than our allotted interview time, as there was so much to learn. In today’s post, which is slightly longer than a usual post for the same reason, she explains  how one of her hero products is produced, so you can see exactly what goes into one of her organic products:

“One of the best parts of my job is researching ingredients, working on formulations and then making it a reality. As a pharmacist I was taught the ins and outs of making creams but it’s not as simple as that. I’d say making a fabulous face cream is similar to making a fabulous meal- how good it is depends on the quality of the ingredients, the recipe and the care, skill and attention that goes into making it.

Just like many others I was not impressed with many of the organic products on the market. They smelled bad, looked like they belonged in the 70’s hippie movement and really did not even come close to being effective. I wanted to change that and give (myself and other) women the choice to go organic, without having to compromise on quality and efficacy.

I thought I’d share with you some of the ingredients that go into the anti-aging Expression Treatment, my favourite lifting and smoothing product for foreheads and around the eyes & mouth, and show just how a well-formulated organic product is produced to get results which I know really work.

The quality of the ingredients is paramount. The plant oils used must be cold pressed or freshly macerated (chopped up & left to infuse in a base oil) to an exact herbal pharmacopeia standard. This particular one is Calendula extract in sunflower oil. Calendula is known for its healing and anti-ageing properties, mainly due to its antioxidants which are also found in tomatoes and carrots. You can see the rich orange colour that shows it contains high levels of antioxidants.


Rose hip is another one of my favourite ingredients. Again the richer the colour, the higher the antioxidants. Rose hip’s antioxidant is a very important one: tretinoic acid which helps repair sun-damaged skin.


The next ingredients are the nourishing extracts. Aagain quality and freshness is paramount.

Here you can see  Shea Butter, Coconut oil , a non GMO organic soya extract, and a special peptide from palm that helps plump the skin  and boost collagen production.


These are all melted on a bain marie (exactly how you would melt chocolate) and mixed with Aloe Water- you can see a high concentration of aloe water is used in the formula, making it very active.


The two are blended together to form a smooth emulsion, and the delicate actives are added.


Next I add the vitamins (C and E) both are naturally sourced and very stable, so they remain active for the lifespan of the product.


Finally the 2 extra special ingredients- tiny spheres of hyaluronic acid which activate on the surface of the skin, swell up and fill the wrinkles, smoothing them and making them look less visible.


And a Peruvian herb called Acmella Oleracea which works its magic by relaxing the muscles in the face that cause wrinkles from repetitive use  such as the forehead, around the eyes and mouth. The action of the plant lasts around 4-8 hours resulting in a smoother forehead and key expression areas.


All get blended together well and voila!


An organic product that we believe is as effective as  any high tech product on the market – just free from chemicals that may cause damage.

Expression Treatment by The Organic Pharmacy £39.95

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I adore the Organic Pharmacy. The carrot butter cleanser is by far the best cleansing balm I’ve used (and there have been many!). Thanks for this incredbily interesting post. It’s lovely to read something a little bit different.


Thanks for the post, Margo! I’ve always been wondering how any cream is made and what the ingredients, what they’re there for etc. That was really interesting to read!

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