I took Posetta Baddog for a two hour trot on the Heath this afternoon after a morning of emptying boxes and breathing in the heady fumes of damp linen and clothes trapped in a cross-Atlantic container since December.

When I returned her to lil’sis nicely exhausted and ready for a kip, I found sis in the same condition. So I knocked up a quick reviving snack for her from the fridge with a couple of avocados that were about to go over. There’s a zillion ways to make guacamole, and I’m not pretending that this is either the echt version or even the version I make at home (mine has red onion), but it’s still delicious. And, best of all it takes maybe three minutes. Sold? I knew you would be.

Take two large avocados (or four of those baby ones), halve & scoop out the flesh into a mortar (or a bowl). Add a dash of hot sauce (Tabasco is good, but even Siracha would work), a squeeze of lime (or lemon), a good pinch of salt and one chopped tomato (I used three cherry tomatoes, and have been known to use a spoon of good salsa in emergencies). Pound it all together with the pestle & mortar (or with the back of a fork in a bowl.) That’s it.

Eat with chips – or crudities if you are being healthy. And keep it away from the dog. Who sat at my feet squeaking the entire time I was making this.


Lil’sis has a Joseph Joseph obsession, and has pretty much all their clever kitchen accessories in that perky shade of green. The mortar above is her Joseph Joseph Orb Pestle & Mortar. It’s a great medium size for grinding spices and making dips.

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delicious, so very delicious! quick, easy, scrumptiousness, i tell you. poor PB though 🙁 x shayma


That little dog is *such* a piglet! LLGxx


Oh I had to come over to see PB…adorable as always. (I’m out of avocado but will pick some up on Monday. Yum.) Have a good Sunday. I hope you get some rest time. (I hear you laughing all the way ‘cross the sea:)


Very timely, the OH brought 4 avocado’s home yesterday, only problem is catching them when they’re ripe…I seem to have lost the knack lately and end up throwing more away than I actually get to eat…..

Posetta seems to be as greedy as Edwyn, he loves avocado’s too (along with most other foodstuffs it has to be said) Btw, where is her food bowl from? It looks very smart!


So cute. My pugs Betty and Chester LOVE avocado. Its not bad for dogs is it? Cos I always give them a little sliver. Jx


Yum. The perfect excuse to indulge in a new pestle and mortar, methinks.


yummo! As the niece of an avocado farmer I’ve tried most variations and I can highly recommend adding a clove of garlic (1 clove to every 2 avo’s) – it’s a winner.


You genius, I feel like an absolute fool for not having thought of using a pestle and mortar for guacamole before now. You know when they’re just a small bit too unripened to successfully crush with a fork?
I love to add a clove of garlic to mine and sometimes a small pinch of chilli.
If anyone ever discovers a tip for stopping it from turning that horrible brown colour please let me know!

I’m feeling very food-inspired by you recently. Having seen the youtube re: shopping in the asian hypermarket I felt marginally less guilty about using readymade thai curry pastes – interesting to find out that shrimp is often used in them, I’d never have thought to check and am now squirming at the idea that I may have fed a vegetarian friend some shrimp!


All the Mexican restaurants in New York use a traditional Mexican pestle and mortar, carved from volcanic rock called a molcajete, so I can’t claim unique inspiration on this one: it’s just the result of living in America for four years! LLGxx


Is that a Joseph Joseph pestle & mortar? Love it!


Yes it is indeed! And very fabulous. LLGxx

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