(The interior of my Transit van this morning.)

I’ve gone back to our family home for the weekend – well, a scant 24hrs, driving a short wheel-base Transit van in order to rescue the boxes & chattels I stored in one of the attics when I moved to America exactly four years ago.

I’m not in England permanently, but I have decided to set up a proper London base. After two years of suitcase-living all around the world, I am yearning for a place in which I can have all my possessions unpacked in wardrobes, drawers and cupboards, instead of in brown cardboard boxes in storage facilities, basements and attics around the world.

There were also one too many ambulances for lil’sis last year and I figure that if I can be based anywhere in the world, then I should be near her. So I am moving my life into the lower ground floor of a stucco-fronted house owned by two great friends, the sister and brother-in-law of Miss P of this parish.

It’s in what my mother would call the washed side of Camden, (as opposed to the unwashed – she means Regent’s Park as opposed to the Market), and I really can’t think of a better place to live for a New York transplant than a house with Whole Foods at the end of the street, and just 6 minutes by car from Oxford Circus (yes, I timed it) and five minutes from lil’sis and Posetta Baddog Central.


So: today is moving day. I loaded up the van last night. First with two boxes of crockery & the Lloyd Loom laundry bin from my father’s garage, and then to my mother’s to salvage the three pieces of furniture I still own (Herman Miller chair, Art Deco walnut bookshelf & vintage filing cabinet), having given away every other piece of furniture on FreeCycle last year, and various books, glassware and stuff. I’ve liberated a bedside table & my grandmother’s stool, & I was partic pleased to discover this box stashed in an attic corner with the pen pot from my childhood, my grandmother’s 50s ashtray, vintage necklaces and some pretty tealight holders.

Right: I’m off to shut up the van and drive back to London.

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I have a pretty little pine spice rack/shelf thingy with two drawers and NOWHERE to put it if you’d like – takes the clear Habitat spice jars v nicely. (Have spares of those, too). Also an occasional table stored in a summer house you can borrow if you’re interested. SO GLAD that this is happening x


There’s something wonderfully fresh and new about setting up a home , wherever it may be and deciding for oneself where to put everything and finding new ways to use old things. Good luck with the move and I hope you find love and laughter there. My best as always hon Jx


I’m moving over to South Africa (not sure how long for) and I’m beginning go through my things – working out what I can ship, what can be given away to friends or charity & what should just be binned.

I’m about to start posting items to a blog and I will keep you posted – it could be mutually beneficial – I also have loads of books and cooking things and as much as I want to take them, realistically I’m going to have to let a limit at some point!


So envious of you having a place.. mine flooded over the weekend.



congrats on your London pad! Even if you aren’t in it full time, still nice to have a little home here x


your new pad sounds amazing- congratulations


i like that. i just had a look around at my new place. the small progressions i’ve made. i realise how important it is to set up base, too.


Why did I think you’re looking for a place to stay in New York ?


I hope your moving day was as stress-free as possible, but like you say you’re used to being slightly nomadic!

I’d love to live in that part of Camden. Lucky you!


bloody hell shit. did you sell your flat already? your life is confusing me.

i would take London over NYC any day of the week. I hope I can move back some day.

i love the feeling, after moving into a new place, of knowing exactly where everything. it only lasts about a week for me, but it’s wonderful to feel so organized and efficient. enjoy that feeling and blessings be upon your new abode! xoxo

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