One of my New Year’s Resolutions was to produce a lot more video in 2011 for the site, not just with me behind the camera, as with all my hotel films, but with me in front of it talking about things that interest me – and hopefully you…

For the first video with me in it I’m showing what I’ve been buying for my kitchen. Haul videos are huge in America, and usually feature girls going through their mall fashion shopping hauls in front of a webcam. I don’t like clothes shopping in person, (I’m more a Netaporter box arriving straight to my door on a bike kind of girl), so for this film I’m talking about the kind of shopping I really love: food shopping. No surprise there for my regular readers.

I’m setting up a semi-permanent base for LLG in London at the moment and that means kitting out new kitchen store cupboards from scratch. So on Sunday I headed to Wing Yip, a Chinese superstore on the North Circular (road) in London, and then came home and filmed my shopping in a friend’s kitchen. Here goes:


Wing Yip Chinese superstore, 395 Edgware Road, London NW2 6LN, 020 8450 0422

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That’s a great resolution,LLG! I really love your videos (and I am not a fan of videos in general) and can’t wait for more. X


Thank you Marina…lot more in the pipeline, including beauty how to ones LLGxx


I really hope you make videos a regular part of Liberty London Girl. You’re very good at presenting and don’t run out of things to say. Plus, this is excellent information. I do get confused in markets so it’s nice to have a rough guide. I’ve had mung beans sitting in my cabinet for months (bought by an ex). I’ve just now gotten a recipe for them.


Always love your food posts,this one no different!
TV deal for cookery show please..


Ahh you have a lot of my store cupboard items (same brands it seems too) – good choices! x


They are the perfect everyday basics! LLGxx


That was so amazingly helpful and inspiring, thank you. You’ve given me cooking inspiration this week. I’m wondering if there’s a place like or similar in Brighton. Clary x

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