I adore knitted berets, and I particularly like tam o’shanters (differentiated by extra floppiness & the bobble on the top)- they look great with long hair, and keep you splendidly warm during the interminable cold months.

Altho London has been colder than Manhattan so far this winter, temperatures in New York in January and in February can plummet to well below -10C, and a hat becomes not just a fashion accessory but a vital aid in stopping your ears falling off from cold.

The name tam o’shanter is traditionally used to describe a circular wool hat with a bobble on the top, worn by Scottish men, and named after a poem by Robert Burns. (More on wiki here.) These days, outside of traditional Highland dress & military uniform, they are best known as a floppy knitted hat for women.

I was given this splendid grey cashmere version by my mother for Christmas, along with matching gloves, and it is quite my favourite Christmas present this year. Being cashmere, my hair stays smooth underneath it and it flops perfectly.


My mother bought this one at Bicester Village outlet center in the UK, & I can’t find it on-line. N Peal have other lovely cashmere hats here, The Outnet has some lovely N Peal cashmere here, Pure Collection have cashmere berets on sale for £24 here, there’s a Sonia Rykiel knitted beret for £52 in the Netaporter sale, a Missoni knitted beret for £95 at Liberty, and ASOS have lots of hats to choose from here.

There’s a really lovely beret at Celtic Sheepskin for £62, some excellent orange, and blue knitted ones for £42 by at notonthehighstreetcom, and plain black knitted berets for £29 at John Lewis.

Cashmere berets for everyone!

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Thank you! LLGxx


I got a similar beret from Oasis for Christmas, unfortunately not cashmere though! There’s a picture on my blog….


Oh it’s great Tracey – thanks for sharing LLGxx


Love the beret,really suits you.Happy New Year!


Why thank you my dear! Happy New Year to you too LLGxx


I was just looking through the Toast sale and saw a tam there (not cashmere but pure lambswool, so much better than the plasticy acrylic that’s the norm these days!- and made locally in the UK), which reminded me of this lovely post of yours. Hooray for well-made clothes with history!

And another thing, although I read through a reader so don’t read the comments often, I’ve noticed that you reply individually to most (all?) comments. I don’t have a blog myself so as a reader-only who hasn’t got the chance to have the sort of relationship bloggers often have between them, your commenting doesn’t go unnoticed or unappreciated. I don’t know if other readers have said this before, so thank you for taking out the time!

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