I love huevos rancheros almost as much as I hate brunch in New York restaurants. Not the ritual, but the mediocre food served by restaurants that have no business to be serving eggs Benedict (even the couscous place opposite my old St Mark’s Place apt was at it), at vastly inflated prices to endless lines of grumpy, hungry people.

Never will I understand the New Yorker’s fervent desire to stand in a line for 30, 60 minutes just to eat, in a city that has a restaurant every 50 yards. Insanity.

But I do love meeting friends for leisurely late breakfasts that morph into lunches at the weekend, the buzz and the chatter, the paper reading and the Bloody Marys. So, when Jamie & Luce had a last minute gap in their hectic NY visiting schedule, they jumped a cab to Williamsburg and I cooked us all brunch.

Well, they provided the coffee. I did the food. This recipe takes a scant thirty minutes to prep and cook. It just couldn’t be easier.


I’m not going to pretend this is an echt huevos rancheros before you all started drafting grumpy comments. But it tastes damn good, looks delicious (sometimes HR looks like road kill) and has all the key ingredients.

This is wiki’s description: The basic dish consists of fried eggs served upon lightly fried corn tortillas topped with a tomato-chili sauce. Refried beans, slices of avocado, or guacamole accompany the dish.

This is how I made mine: (Serves four)

Make the tomato sauce first
Chop  a small onion,  & a clove of garlic. Reserve half and saute the rest very gently in oil till translucent (5-10mins), add a teaspoon of cumin and fry for a few secs, before pouring in a can of chopped tomatoes & a dash of tabasco or hot sauce. Simmer away gently until everything else is ready.

Saute the other half of the onion very gently till translucent (5-10mins), add a can of black beans (or pinto beans), a cup of hot water, half a stock cube. Simmer away gently until everything else is ready. (Keep an eagle eye to make sure it does not catch.)

heat each tortilla for a minute or so each side till they start to puff and brown. Reserve in a warm over or at the back of the stove

Rough chop a big handful

Skin & de-stone a large avocado, mash with a fork, season to taste. (If I wasn’t so lazy on a Sunday morning, I’d make guacamole.)

Grate enough cheese to fill a side bowl. I use pepper Jack in America, out of the US, I use Cheddar.

Finally, fry two eggs per person.


Put a warm tortilla on each plate. Spoon over the beans and the tomato sauce side by side. Sprinkle over the grated cheese. Slide on the fried eggs. Put a very large dollop of sour cream on one side, the same of mashed avocado on the other. Liberally sprinkle with coriander. Done.

(I had some cherry tomatoes in the fridge, so I knocked up a quick salsa to garnish. Basically chopped tomatoes, onion, coriander, chili.)


Ingredients for four people:

Eight large organic free range eggs
one avocado
one tin beans, pinto or black
small block cheese (Monterey Jack/Pepper Jack/Cheddar)
bunch coriander/ciilantro
one tin chopped tomatoes
Tabasco/hot sauce
sour cream
small onion
Salt & pepper
oil for frying
stock cube/bouillon

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That sounds divine! My fav brekkie are corn cakes with coreander, sour cream and wasabi but this one sounds like it could be a winner too! Will defo try this weekend.


Your breakfast sounds amazing! LLGxx


Ugh god that looks incredible


Make it Ellie! SO simple, honest, LLGxx


Couldn’t agree more on brunch in NYC. Inadequately cooked eggs are the stuff of horror movies.

My variation on huevos rancheros involves a roasting dish and the oven, so that the eggs bake on top. Have also substituted the flour tortilla base with polenta to create a tamale pie kind of thingie. I really like how fresh and healthy yours looks though, esp. the harmonious coexistence of the raw and the cooked.


What you can’t see is the extraordinary amount of sour cream on the other side tho! LLGxx


This looks completely scrumptious, LLG. But, may I ask, what is OSLO? (Look at me all perky-eared at anything vaguely Norsk!)


Thank you! OSLO is the local Williamsburg coffee place. VERY gd LLGxx


Good. That is Saturday’s breakfast sorted then!

Recent weekend breakfasts have some how become stuck on sweet rather than savoury (crumpets with lots of fresh butter and golden syrup, pancakes with bacon, fried banana’s and drowning maple syrup…and butter…etc etc).

This will be a very nice change.

Actually it has just twigged my memory of a brunch I had in Prague that was savoury and yummy. In brief – fry some diced onion and a little garlic till transparent. Chuck in some whole leave spinach and when it just starts to wilt pour in some scrambled eggs (not wisked to death, just briefly broken up). You end up with something that could loosely be described as scambled eggs with spinach but more ‘rustic’.

Happy eating all!

p.s Pleased to read that you are enjoying being settled in New York. x


goodness that sounds delicious! Love to know how this recipe works for you. And thank you! LLGxx


Oh dear GOD that looks incredible. Another LLG recipe to bookmark in my recipes folder! xx


Let me know if it works! LLGxx


This looks SO good! I will need to try it. These days I like fried eggs for sandwiches and in soup (you just fry it first and then put in soup), yum. These kind of talks make me hungry.


It IS good! Love egg-y recipes LLGxx


I adore huevos rancheros – my maternal grandmother made them for breakfast in the winter time and served them with the entire works: freshly made refried beans, homemade tortillas and Mexican hot chocolate with whipped cream. God, I miss my childhood! And for a “snack”, mid-day we’d have toasted brioche (the Mexican version, and whose name escapes me at this moment; but it was the same type of slightly-sweet egg bread) with Cajeta (dulce de leche made with goat’s milk). The coupe de grace: Quesadillas with squash blossoms. Top that!


I don’t think I can! Squash blossom quesadillas sound AMAZING! LLGxx


Looks gorgeous and I am loving the seriously generous portion size!


Generous? Really?! Looks pretty normal to me! LLGxx

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