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Today I’m celebrating the fact that the  Gap &  Banana Republic has just started selling on-line in the UK. (Now I’ve got a better chance of grabbing those Pierre Hardy Design Editions shoes for the Gap when I’m in England. Because there’s zero chance of my standing in line to buy them in person.)

The sizes on both sites are US, but translation is easy; just add or subtract two sizes: a US8 is a UK12, a US10 is a UK14 and so on…There’s free delivery over £50, and 15% off if you sign up for the Gap email. Stock isn’t as comprehensive as the US, but it’s a good start.

I’ve already found a  dress (below) at BR that I’m about to buy, and several wardrobe filler basics at the Gap (which are over on LLG Recommends – Fashion & Accessories), because I am having to pretty much replace my entire wardrobe before London Fashion Week, (stuck in London, life in NY + apt fire), and I’ve no time to go proper shopping.

I’ve always adored a  classic wool dress for winter, and this season that obsession is right on the button. I’m going  with this simple Banana Republic lightweight wool charcoal sheath dress. It’s just about perfect for those of us who are amply endowed & hate their arms. Also: sleeves. Am comprehensively fed up that labels dispense with sleeves on about 90% of their pieces.

Banana Republic grey shift dress

95% Wool, 5% Elastane. £85

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I agree great dress. Xxxx


and in America, love this, there’s the sale and 5% of your tab will be donated to a charity you choose.

there’s something intrinsically good going on with a batch of billionaires promising to donate half their net worth to charity.


About time they started selling online!


With you on the dress/sleeve business. I’ve committed self to sew a dress & will be doing a version of above. If it doesn’t go well, I shall really be committed. Excellent news for you Brits, I’m glad you’ll have chance to shop w/out excessive shipping rates, etc.

Now if someone could just help me find Hunter boots leftover from when they were really made in UK, that would be excellent. Otherwise, ugh. I’m up a creek as it were. (Well, I will be when autumn/winter soup arrives.) I’m so sorry about stuff over here & you’re over there…but very happy to (read of your onward & upward news. Looking forward to posts from fashion week.

(As charities are my “thing” – i do agree with Madeleine.)


I am very happy about this, Gap especially, in fact I emailed a friend the news yesterday! you can also get 15% off if you register for letter (use another email if you already registered). Half my wardrobe is gap, yes Im that sad!
lovin the grey dress.


They have also just started mailing to Australia too, which so exciting I can barely contain my cash flow!! Last year I sent Dr Love to the US with printed pages of baby gap items to buy for the little people all the while cursing that I had to wait for someone to travel overseas for the chance to shop the hallowed apparell. And that’s just for the kids! Even more exciting…the first gap store opened in Melbourne two days ago. Huge news! Now if only Anthropologie would join them…


Loving the dress and I appreciate your efforts for championing the use of sleeves. I too have a small frame (size 10 at best), double E’s and arm wobble and find it increasingly exhausting finding dresses and tops that flatter without the need for layering.


This post has made my day!!! About time that Gap went online in the UK. I just hope that they do the kiddy stuff too, then I’ll be a very happy bunny.

Gotta go shopping now!


Seeing this news was one of the best bits about being back from the wild highlands and islands and in the land of internet again.

My favourite feature is being able to buy trousers in leg lengths which has always seemed nearly impossible in store. That and the free delivery if you spend more than £50 across both stores, which is far too easy at the moment.

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