Very fortuitously all my vintage clothes are stored in Clare’s attic – in the very house in which I have been staying since I was discharged from hospital in June. So when I got a call from a magazine wanting a very specific creative using a vintage T-shirt, (under wraps for now), I hopped up the loft ladder for a quick forage.

And imagine my joy when I came across a stash of my band T-shirts from 1989 to about 1992. The Cure, The Wedding Present, Cud, Ned’s Atomic Dustbin, The Jesus & Mary Chain, The Wonderstuff. I remember all the gigs as if they were yesterday.

The Cure was at Wembley in the summer of 1989, with lil’sis and my American exchange, The Wedding Present at Northampton Roadmenders in maybe 1990. The Wonderstuff with Clare herself at Brixton Academy in October 1989. I wore the T with a micro black lycra skirt, purple wool tights & Woolworths’ black slip-on plimsolls. Frankly, I’m surprised, given my very tender years, that my parents even let me out of the house.

(And here are the gig tickets I found earlier in the year from the same period.)

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You have such a great collection of Vintage band t-shirts and its neat to know that I’m not the only one who keeps my old clothes, for at least my memories sake. 🙂


Oh, there’s some memories there. I saw The Wonderstuff at the Brixton Academy October 1989 too. Fantastic show, fantastic night. I was with an old friend and we were given tickets at the last minute – got the t-shirt too. I feel old…


I can see where I am going wrong, LLG. I am binning my old clothes instead of assuring my hubby that they are actually going to be ‘vintage’ and stashing in loft.

I had loads of great band t-shirts from the 1980s and ….I binned them!!!!

Ali x


Could I have a rummage through Clare’s attic or your closet, please? I don’t have anything nearly as cool stored anywhere…


These are so cool – great t-shirts which look soft and gorgeous, and nice bands too, very impressed! I used to love Neds Atomic Dustbin (I had a boyfriend with “the hair”) and have fond memories of my first Cure gig when I was 13 – snogging a boy all through “Love Song”, trying to get backstage to see Robert Smith…

I too threw out all my old clothes which I’m gutted about. A few years ago I was skint and needed wardrobe space to move a boyfriend in and sold bags and bags of clothes (for vitually nothing) on ebay. I lost all my quirky clothes from when I was a goth, clubber, etc and now have all new boring ones – boo. I love that you kept the gig tickets too!

Thanks for letting me re-live some old memories 🙂


Amazing amazing. I want them all. A trip to eBay ensues…


Just the mention of the Roadmender brings memories flooding back! It was such a good venue. I’m not quite sure how my sister and I managed to convince our parents to let us go. Wish I’d kept the all tickets now.


How funny! I had a similar ‘trip down Memory Lane’ at the weekend, when my husband tried to do a little bit of clearance on the top floor – we’ve been in this house for just over a year and still have boxes to unpack and stuff to throw away…

My vintage clothes live in Spain but, amongst the unpacked stuff, hubby found a bunch of old photo albums documenting my fashion sense and my taste in music in the 80s (The Smiths, Duran Duran, Simple Minds, Level 42, The Cure…) and 90s (Depeche Mode, U2, James, Primal Scream, Mansun, Radiohead…).

Such wonderful memories….


I love The Wedding Present top!
Vintage is just so great, goes with everything.
Beautiful blog as well,x


Aw, memories. I used to worship The Wedding Present, I saw them a few times. I think they were one of my first gigs (at the Tower Ballroom in Hull) and I can clearly remember the excitement of it. For weeks afterwards I wished I could be transported back to those couple of hours! I think I was 14.

And I saw Cud at the fantastically kitsch Wakefield Rooftop Gardens on my 16th birthday. Memories!

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