Another salad produced as a result of staring into the fridge, wondering what on earth to make for lunch. The work of minutes, thanks to (shhh) a can of lentils I found in the back of the larder, it’s a satisfying mix of textures and tastes.

I’ve always cooked lentils from scratch – it’s hardly rocket science to pour a cup of green, brown or Puy lentils into a pan of boiling water and cook for 30-40  minutes till soft, and it has never, ever occurred to me, unlike with chickpeas which need overnight soaking, to look for them in the canned goods aisle. But: here I was with a can in my hand. So were they any worse than the ones I cook from scratch? Well, they’re a bit softer maybe, but the only thing that offends me is the cost – you get maybe a cup of canned lentils for a pound – as opposed to maybe 5 or 6 times that from dried.

So: the salad.
Ingredients for one person as a main course or for two as a side salad (lovely with Roast chicken, I hear):

a cup of cooked, cooled lentils
a handful of cherry or baby plum tomatoes halved/quartered to taste
Half a small buffalo mozzarella torn into pieces
(you cld use goat’s cheese or even Brie or Camembert instead. It needs to be a cheese with a soft consistency. Normal mozzarella is too rubbery.)
1 Little Gem lettuce chopped (Romaine would work too)
handful of watercress
Maldon salt & black pepper to taste

Dressing: I mix a teaspoon of Dijon mustard with a large glug of olive oil & a splash of either lemon juice or syrupy balsamic, along with liberal amounts of salt & pepper.

Eat with lots of good bread in the sunshine.

lentil, mozarella, tomato salad

Another salad idea here: Halloumi, avocado & chickpea

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Yum! The Merchant Gourmet ready to eat packets of lentils (link below) are excellent, especially when you don’t have much time/are feeling lazy, and they’re firmer than the canned ones. Expensive but they last for ages so I stock up when they have special offers on…


@Sarah McGiven Good tip! x


Mmm . Lovely colours,summer on a plate and healthy.


Sounds delish, I make the halloumi one quite often and love that one. So a new one to try!


Thanks for this recipe. Made it yesterday for lunch, but with spinach and avocado. The lentil & mozarella combination was delicious and I could eat a salad like that every day.


Just stumbled upon your blog. Your recipes sound wonderful – can’t wait to try them out!!!

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