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I don’t make a habit of promoting other people’s competitions, but this is such a great one, with a properly serious f&&k off prize that I think you may forgive me. Plus my vociferous male reader (s) (bless you) have been demanding something for them on LLG. So, always happy to please, I gave you the lovely Lou Dalton’s Winter 2010 menswear collection earlier in the week, & now I  give you Esquire’s May issue Best Dressed Man competition.

Inspired by the very famous US Esquire Best Dressed Man contest, it’s not about celebrities (yawn), or too-cool-for-school fashion poseurs, it’s about real men, with real style up and down the country. Lovely boys – you can enter yourselves (The Barrister  – if you are reading this, I think you shld enter), but it’s totally okay to nominate on behalf of husbands, fathers, brothers, partners, friends, colleagues, crushes etc  for the competition.

And the prize. Ah, yes, the prize. Worth a not insignificant £20,000, the material bit is a complete winter wardrobe from Harrods, a fabulous Longines watch and some luxurious grooming treatments. The fun bit is getting to be the cover star on Esquire‘s October special edition subscriber cover.

The competition will also have its own dedicated channel on the Esquire website, where the nominees will be posted to enjoy their moment of glory.

Entry details online here, or email Esquire direct at with a full length photo,  plus age, name, profession and a sentence about your – or your best dressed man’s –  personal style. The winner will be announced in the October issue (out 6th September.)


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holy cow. this is so incredible! what an amazing prize! seriously wishing i was a boy a little bit right now…. xx


mmm..wondering if Mr That’s Not My Age would be up for it!

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