Thank you so much to everyone that entered the Catherine Colebrook giveaway on LLG.

Any one of their framed prints, a tea towel in each of the colour ways, a set of four mugs (Cake is for Life, Keep Calm, Make Hay and When in Doubt) and a Keep Calm and Carry on Shopping canvas bag, worth a grand total of £102.

I asked you to leave a comment to tell us what object in your house is guaranteed to bring a smile to your face. I loved all your entries which made me smile, cry and, in some cases, snort with laughter: you readers are just bloomin’ brilliant. Using random.org we have picked someone to receive the enormous pile of gifts that Catherine has so generously donated.

So: it all goes to Lindsey.dear who said:

On my bedside table is a small pewter figure of a horse. The style is called ‘folk horse’ – my parents bought it for me when I was a child, on a visit to Norway. He was nicknamed Little Hoss, and has always been a favourite possession.

However, what makes me smile everytime I glance at Little Hoss is not childhood memories, but more recent events . .

Last year, my little sister headed off to travel the world, and decided to take Little Hoss with her as a reminder of home (never having being able to maintain a clear distinction between my stuff and hers, in true younger sibling style!). We were sad to see her go, but knew she needed to get the wanderlust out of her system, so with a promise to stay in touch, she flew away.

The first photograph arrived on e-mail just a couple of days later, and they came in a steady stream for the next ten months. Little Hoss amidst cherry blossom in a Tokyo park; Little Hoss at Ankor Watt; Little Hoss relaxing on a sunlounger somewhere on a remote Thai island; Little Hoss on the back of a baby elephant in Sri Lanka – for every photo of my sister and her newfound friends, there was a photo of Little Hoss having just as much fun.

Little Hoss has returned to my bedside table now, and my sister is back in her north London flat, but both of them are different for their adventures. Little Hoss might have a few dints and scratches, but my sister is braver, more confident, probably happier – and everytime I see Little Hoss he makes me smile.

Please email me at libertylondongirl@gmail.com to claim your gifts.

ALSO: Because of the weight, it was not possible to open this up to international readers (but I promise we’ll have some competitions for you too soon). However Catherine Colebrook have arranged a 10% discount for both UK and overseas customers who would like to do some shopping. Simply enter LLG10 in the code box at check out. www.catherinecolebrook.com

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Love the Little Hoss story – that's fabulous. Makes you want to do the same thing for somebody else.


Congratulations – they are really cool items in this prize


Congratulations to the winner! Your story made me smile too, so thanks for that also – I really needed it tonight..


Congratulations – a worthy winner!

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