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I think we all realise by now that continually accepting new plastic bags at the supermarket checkout is not best practice. I try to remember to carry around a calico or canvas bag so that, whilst I will inevitably have to accept some plastic or cardboard bags, I can at least try to reduce my environmental impact on a daily basis.

Inconvenient Bag classic
Classic design $11

I rather like these shopping bags from The Inconvenient Bag, a small American company, whose motto is, “saving our planet one bag at a time”. The name comes from their belief that though it may be a small inconvenience to remember to use reusable bags when shopping, it’s worth the effort.

Inconvenient Bag Beatnik Khaki
Beatnik design $11

The bags are much more durable than the usual calico bags: they have a gusset which enables them to hold 45 pounds and they have a flat bottom for better support. But they are still easily fold down-able for carrying in a handbag or purse. I’ve been carrying one for a week and am impressed.

The Inconvenient Bag have very kindly offered to give three readers an Inconvenient Bag of their choice (there are lots of brilliant designs on their website). Just leave a comment below to tell us in what kind of bag you normally carry your shopping.

This giveaway is open to readers with US & UK postal addresses only

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I spent a week last year trying not to use plastic bags and failed miserably. It was the reach the point that everything was being bagged up and realise that I didn't have enough hands to carry everything moment every time. I'd love a bag like this, it might actually help me do what I promised (ie not use plastic bags for a week!).

PS – I am based in Bosnia but I am a Brit, have a Brit address and all! Go on, let me qualify as a UK reader… please?


For my weekly shop I use a variety of string bags but the only problem is although they hold a lot, the bags never stay upright and when it rains everything gets wet!


I love the Marks and Spencer's bags, they're so sturdy for groceries, and fold up fairly small to fit in my handbag. Last visit I got one that folds itself into a little pouch (that's part of the bag) and that's always in my bag, sturdy and it holds a ton!


At Mardi Gras this year, one of the parades (Muses) used reusable bags as throws. Best parade throw I've ever gotten. Only problem is, last week my sister got sick in the car and um… defiled it. Unsalvageable. I need a new grocery bag.


Oh, I can't believe no one has commented yet! The bags look so lovely and such a good cause, too!

I normally try to carry an extra canvas bag with me , but I only have quite a small one, so I either buy very little or end up taking an extra plastic/paper bag as well. I reuse the "evil" bag, but there's still a pang of guilt!


My BF gave me as a present souvenir from Canada – some national canvas bag. But sometimes,when I am forgetting it at home,I am buying some plastic one:(


I use a supermarket own bag for bringing marking home from school, but it is starting to split under the weight of so many books! Soi would use mine twice, for shopping and when I bring work home!


I like to keep a selection of reusuable bags in my car for when I'm out shopping, and I have a small bag that I roll up and keep in my workbag, but it's not particularly sturdy so would love one of these beauties. Thanks!


Love the Beatnik design!

I'm a student so my enormous backpack, as stylish as Jansport gets, holds books, makeup, photo equipment, snacks, and an astonishing array of lord knows what else.


I am a sucker for those jute bags that they have at tills in supermarkets but they are so big and clumsy that they're not very easy to take out. And these are so darn stylish – I love the designs!

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