Breakfast in New Jersey

Well, American with a touch of European, as our household is French (Y), American (GG) & English (me). And Estonian too, if you count Max the senior Basset Hound, which I think we certainly should do. He is actually present in the picture, sitting with the baby Basset Hound at my feet hoping for dropped waffle morsels. Which is highly likely, as I am incapable of eating without spilling something. Pas stupide these hounds.

The cupcakes in the background are from Brownie Points Bakery at Short Hills. A FAIL, I am afraid, with a tasteless crumb, and oddly synthetic tasting frosting.

Please notice the beautiful blue mug by people will always needs plates, to remind me of home: it depicts the glorious Isokon building in Hampstead in London, just around the corner from my (rented out) flat.

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Cupckes for breakfast? Serves you right they were no good…by the way, how do you keep in shape with food like this on offer?

Helena xx


Ahh well I always find cupcakes never taste as good as they look! xx


But so American to sugar overload at breakfast! Have to say I'm more of a Marmite person in the AM, but when in Rome… And I put on 8lbs in six weeks this summer living here…Fort I took it off again just by running around England in August, but am being very careful now to halve all my restaurant portions, and to only eat two meals a day, with the third being a snack. LLGxx


Gald you're getting to enjoy the gourmet benefits of living in such a diverese household!!

Something about a special mug that just makes a meal or tea that much more comforting 🙂


that deffently looks like a proper american breakfest with the waffels and then the cupcakes! we do love our sweets! haha 🙂


Gotta Love an American Breakfast. 🙂


Well Estonians would probably normally have a strong coffee, BLACK bread with ham, cheese and tomato and after that maybe a LIGHT yoghurt:D haha..thats just who we are.

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