GG & I are both very fond of beetroot/beets/betterave*. I particularly enjoyed writing that sentence as, until about a year ago, I loathed them. Scarred by school dinners and the vinegar soaked horrors that would be slapped down on our plates, purple juice running into the potato salad & tasting of earth, I had no idea that there could be another way.

And then, for politeness, I manfully swallowed a beet & goats cheese salad at a supper party. And loved it. So, when I saw organic beets at the Red Bank farmers market last weekend, I homed in.

Organic beets farmers market

Grown just five miles away, I bought this organic beet for a princely $1.12.

organic beet

It was crusted in earth and was a bugger to scrub, but the result was worth it.

beet scrubbed farmers market

Not least because it was so beautiful inside.

organic beet interiors

*delete as applicable

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yum… i love beets! i used to loathed them aswell… until my mom made me try the ones which my father had grown in the garden! it was amazing…


odd question but do you peel a 'beet'root? what did you do differently to pickling, being english I too am only familiar with the vinegary salad form!


i used to hate beets too but love them now! you have be craving the flavour now


reminds me of my school dinner back in primary school days….yuck.



Hi Lipstick

Yes, you do peel them. Roast them for about 45 mins in their skins with a little olive oil & garlic, covered by foil. When they are soft through, take them out and when you can bear to , peel them whilst they are still hot. The skins will come off very easily. Don't wait till they are cold – they are an absolute bugger to peel then! LLGxx

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