Will the perfume license madness never end? Luxury shoe brand Jimmy Choo has announced that its first fragrance will debut in the Spring of 2009.

Whilst I understand that Jimmy Choo has become a major luxury goods brand, and that Tamara Mellon’s recent equity sale necessarily means an expansion into related markets, I’m wondering about the relationship between shoes and fragrance. I mean delicate florals are hardly the first fragrance notes that come to mind when thinking shoes…

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Perhaps an odour-eating spray would be apt?
Mrs F x


Aren’t fragrances very inexpensive to produce? Let’s see? Paris Hilton’s “Smells Like the Big House”. Celine Dion? Danille Steele? J-Lo? I know there are others, but sheesh! Who told him that was a great marketing idea? May Mrs. Fashion is right?


I can’t imagine telling someone I am wearing Jimmy Choo…on my wrist.

You must come to the brunch! you can give us a fake name….we won’t betray you.


holy crap. who hasnt released a fragrance already. some of these brands should stick to what theyre good at. this should be interesting..

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